12 Jun 2017

Glitter Obsessed!

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As I hadn't posted in a while I wanted to post but couldn't think of what to post, so a week later while looking through my makeup drawers to fine stuff to create festival looks I saw a glitter palette from Primark I brought in Amsterdam a few weeks back that I hadn't yet opened. I had to pick up this palette as I love my Glitter Injections pressed glitter that I bought last year but this is was more affordable so I just had to know if they were any good. Even if they weren't they could still be used as a base for glitters for festival maybe. I'm gonna go swatch them all now and show you all the colours.

Row 1

Row 2

Row 3

Row 4

I was actually surprised about how much glitter in some of them but most were very poor in the pay off but for €6 it was well worth it for the few colours the were great, they are cheaper than buying even one of the the glitter injections one, I would definitely recommend this palette to get used to pressed glitters before buying higher quality ones and to also see what colours you like to use.
I would also top these glitters with loose glitter to get a strong pay off.

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