1 Feb 2019

New month, another try?

Hey welcome to my blog,

Happy February!

So I recently wanted to come back and actually give this blog a proper go, this time around I actually want to stay posting at lest 2 times a month about pretty much anything fashion or beauty or art related and maybe even some college related bits. I have clearly failed at posting on my blog and pretty much all social media in the last while (I'm ashamed of how long).

So for this month I'm planing to post bits about my college trip to London for my very first fashion trip with L.S.A.D.  If the week goes well (which it will) and I take enough photos (if I remember in the moment) I'm hoping I will get at lest 2 posts up about London if not even 3 (fingers crossed).

So for today I tought I would share a small wish list of dresses from Zara.

Thanks for reading,
Love Kate.x
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