29 May 2017

Bits'n'Bobs I do when bored at home!

Hey welcome to my blog!

So I recently broke my foot and haven't been able to go to work with it and I have been so so bored here at home, I can't even walk my dog at the moment so pretty much just stuck here. As I have been stuck here I have had to try find things to do other than stay watching TV all day as I will just keep falling asleep all the time if I do that. So here's a few things to do to keep yourself entertained at home, well the ones I use anyways.

Play with my dog
So this is self explanatory just chilling with my dog for a while, playing with him.

Painting & drawing
Just a way to pass the time really messing around trying new ways of drawing I haven't tried before I guess but mostly watercolours.

Makeup looks
I have been just playing around with different makeup looks with more colours and different overall looks.

Trying to cook new foods
I suck at cooking cause I always cook the same thing every time, I am defiantly more into baking so cooking nearly turns into baking for me

Catch up on Blogs & Youtube
I love reading blogs, seeing what new things are out in the shops and seeing how bloggers are styling them to see what kinda stuff I would wanna buy. I also love watching youtube, between makeup and hair stuff, daily blogs and TED talks there is always something to keep me entertained.

Thanks for reading my blog post,
love Kate.x

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