21 Feb 2018

Topshop Wishlist

Hey welcome to my blog,

As it's 2018 and I have let this blog be left at the back of my mine from day one I need to start over and try post at least once a month to begin with on this blog. I'm gonna try actually try stick to posting regularly instead of forgetting about the blog ALL the time again like I have always done so in the past.

So I guess I may as well start my first blog post of 2018 to be about fashion in some sorta way, as that is of course my biggest interest for this blog and why I wanted to start it at the beginning. And of course I will have other beauty and other bits on this from time to time (a lot of makeup to justify all the bits I have in my drawers).

So heres a little Topshop wish list with all the bits I have been eyeing up and am in love with.
Look at these two coats I'm obsessed, need them both, mostly the yellow one though.

Love you,
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