2 Apr 2018

Easter Walks

Hey welcome to my blog,

On Easter Sunday I spent the day with my mam walking my dog Billy and pigging out on food all day long together. We decided to go for our walk in the Lyons Estate in Kildare, which is always a nice walk but it was Baltic out and didn't feel like a spring day out at all and half way through it started to rain, so we ended up going into the coffee shop for a hot chocolate and tea to warm up after the walk, also the chips inside the coffee shop were to die for (nicest chips I've had in a long time). We later went out for dinner in Leixlip in one of my favourite restaurant's Alvito's, who's carbonara is amazing.

Top - Penney's
Coat - H&M
Pants - Forever 21
Runners - Puma
Earrings - Penney's

Have to say it was such a nice relaxing Easter Sunday this year, was nice to spend time with my mam as I don't get to spend as much time with her anymore unfortunately.
Thanks for reading my blog,
Love Kate.x
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