20 Mar 2017

Highlight Robbers!

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Recently I bought a few new highlighters in work and boots, all were super cheap and affordable.
Penney's (Primark) brought out a new highlight palette and two single pan highlighters and I haven't yet stopped using them. I also picked up three highlighters from Natural Collection which were each €2.79, these three are cream stick highlighters, they are super cute and easy to use.
 Desert, Glimmer, Eden, Firefly
The shade Desert isn't the best quality of pigment but if layer a couple of times gives a nice glow, while Eden gives a fab natural glow with a light layer. Glimmer and Firefly are just amazing shade the shine off them of the best but they are the more glitter style of highlight so they may not be for everyone.
I am in love with these two highlighters the are both amazing quality and a very consistent product as I expected after using the product a few time it may loose the shimmer after a top layer came off but they are just so pretty, I have used the Rose Prosecco shade every day on my eyes and cheeks I will be stocking up on these beauts before they got discontinued.

Natural Collection Highlighter Sticks
(Rose Glow, Copper Glow, Coral Glow)
Sorry I couldn't find a link on either the Irish or English Boots site with these products available currently online but they are in store for just €2.79 and are worth so much more.
That Rose Glow shade just made me need all three it's so pretty and so cute under foundation for a natural dewy skin look. The other two shades are super pretty two and I cant wait for summer when I'm tanned (or if I bother to put some false tan on) to play with these, they just stand out too much on my ghostly skin atm but still look at them that gleam is just OMG!

That's for reading my thoughts on these few Highlighters.
Love K.x

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