6 Mar 2017

A handful of favourites!

Hello welcome to my blog!

This morning just like every morning I was scrolling through Instagram like every other day and though I would shave a few of my favourite accounts. Instead of showing just my all time favourites I went for a few of the ones that I love that came up on my feed today, I find I follow people's pages but it's always the same pages that catch my eye alot and the names on these accounts are just so easy to remember that even when I scroll to the end I go to these accounts to have a creep. Also if you wanna have a lil creep on my you can here.

If you don't follow this girl and her boyfriend @doyoutravel you need to asap. the two travel the world together and are both photographers, which they use to full advantage for their accounts. The pictures make you want to up and travel to all sorts of places around the world and they give you amazing inspo for some holiday pictures you can take when you travel.

For anyone who loves fashion they need to follow Caroline, this blogger is absolute goals with her posts, showing her outfits in the best pictures that also make you want to travel around and take these pictures just like her. She gives me outfit and hair goals all the time, and when she posts food pics I instantly get craving for that food. She is definitely one of the reasons I wanted to start this blog, check out hers (it is in German FYI).

This girl's blog is one of my fav's and she's even Irish living over in London. To me she seems so relatable but living her dream and this just makes me love her so much. you need to go check her out for inspo.

This girl's makeup skills in just goals and alot of her looks have a magic about them but some are still wearable. Also as a super pale skinned person she gives me hope to love pale skin she shows so much looks that work for us pale skinners other that trying to look like glowy tanned skin. Also for any artsy makeup looks she will give you so many ideas, if you love makeup go check her out.

This girl's feed is so on point you will just wish it was yours. Her outfits, her accessories, her hair, her locations are always perfectly in tune. She gives so much inspiration for trying to get my mess of an instagram into shape.

Thanks for reading and I have you liked at least one of these accounts.


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