21 Feb 2017

Travel Bucketlist!

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So this week I was busy doing stuff I completely forgot to even think of a blog post and that's kinda why I didn't post on Monday this week, but as I have always had a list of countries I have always wanted to go to and I have picked out my top five I need to visit before I die. I picked each one of these as my top 10 for different reasons and they all have been on my list for years, if only I was good at saving and could afford them all.

São Paulo, Brazil
From Beaches to just being super sunny, and let's be realistic if Brazil has men like Neymar Jr. it can't hurt to go have a look at what other guys they have over there. I have always loved Brazilian fashion and followed some Brazilian fashion bloggers over the years and bought some magazines from Brazil. I have also hard so much about the food they from a friend who lived there for a few years and the way he went on about it I just have to try it, also try the types of drinks he talked about. To top if off I have seen so many beauty hack they use in salon over there and I just have to go and try them all out.
Budapest, Hungry
I'm not fully sure what drew me to wanting to visit Budapest in the first place but it has been a place I have wanted to visit for as long as I can remember. All the pictures look so beautiful with the buildings. And after this year when my cousins visited and all the travel stuff they brought home I just want to see these two cities that became one so bad.
Dubai, UAE
Dubai just seems like the most glamorous place to visit, With Mall of Dubai and all the fancy hotels and nightclubs, it's just one of those places I feel is a must to visit, everything done up so much more than home anyways.
Cape Town, South Africa
So I first wanted to go to South Africa after I watched Blood Diamond years ago. Even though the film isn't at all glamorous it peaked my interest in going there. Over the years I have always looked up stuff to do here but one of the thing I just have to do is go see elephants at one of the sanctuary's over there, one that helps then not just a tourist orientated attraction.
Santorini, Greece
I think we all have seen picture of Santorini on those instagram accounts of all the travel blogger and globe trotters. I don't think there could be a more instagrammable place with the most chilled and relaxed looking vibe to a city, this is just that dream place for me to go one to just disconnect and relax, is there and city with as many white walls in it anywhere?

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