6 Feb 2017

New Blog, New Me

fog, forest, and travel image
Hello, Dia dhuit, Guten Tag, Hola, Bonjour!

So I was thinking for the last little while about starting a new blog and I kept putting it off. Using excuses like what to call it, what theme to use, design my own or buy one (I ended up just buying one), I have used every excuse I could think of so I guess it was just time to do it or trash it. So this is my first post to my blog.

I guess a new blog is like a new year, you need some resolutions, so I wanted to make a few simple ones to do with my blog,
  1. Always have a camera at hand
  2. Post weekly 
  3. Research alot
Even if this blog is a complete flop, I'm excited to see where it could go with a mix of fashion, beauty, food and some life stuff (like possible some travel).

Thank you for visiting my blog and welcome!

Love Kate.x

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