1 Mar 2018

College Wishlist!

Hey Welcome to my blog,

It's about 2am and I'm just finishing up some college work for the night,
but as I'm not sleepy just yet I was looking through some stuff online and as always I
ended up on some art sites, so I thought hey why not make a post of a few bits on my wish
list at the moment.

Copic Ciao 72 Set A & Set B

I really love these markers as far as I have tried out the handful I bought, I really love these over my Pro Marker collection, really wish I had heard of these before Pro Marker would defiantly have invested in these instead.

Bernina 1008
This is one item I really really need to save up for, I have wanted to update my sewing machine for a while now, and this is the one I learnt to sew on in The Grafton Academy years ago.

Tambour Needle
This is an item I have found recently while watching YouTube videos on embellishments in fashion and I really want to get it as I h=know how long it takes to use an ordinary needle.

A3 Light box

I have always wanted a Light box for this and that but My favourite type is these flat a3 ones.

Water Bushes

I think everyone who saw these years ago wanted to give them ago, and with them
being so cheap on Amazon I must get around to trying them out.

ISKN Slate
I so so want this ISKN slate, I have been looking at buying it for a few months now and I know I will just gotta save up and go for. Look up work done on it, peoples work are amazing on it.

This is an app that intrigues me so much as one of my favourite Instagrammers uses this for her work and every time she shares it on her stories lately I'm obsessed.

I guess that's my wish list for art bits at the moment,
just gotta start staving like crazy now,
Love Kate.x

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